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We offer healthy and affordable solution to energy buildings from hemp concrete, which does not need to be wrapped in polystyrene, mineral vat, films and adhesives.

We Sell hemp shiv and lime binder Tradical certified. We provide consulting, training and renting construction equipment. We can help with the implementation or that you build from hemp.

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House from hemp concrete Quickly and easily


More about hemp buildings

Diffusion-open, low houses, worried that thermal bridges or mold. It is a monolithic structure made of recyclable material. The hemp construction to maintain the natural microclimate, without air conditioning, heat recovery or underfloor heating

The advantage is simplicity and speed of implementation. Because in addition to the supporting wooden structure to all parts of the construction are used only lime binder, hemp shives and water. Differing only by the ratio between, depending on whether it is a mixture on a wall, roof or floor. The resulting hemp lime is a lightweight composite concrete (up to 7 times lighter than traditional concrete) and is therefore easy to work with and without heavy equipment.

Construction is not necessary to additionally isolate because hemp concrete replaces all the traditional layers of walls, including insulation. After removal of the formwork, the walls plastered with lime plaster or clay, the material is also possible to admit.

Main advantages
  • Thermal comfort
  • High sound insulation
  • Healthy indoor environment
  • Inflammable material
  • Technologically simple building
  • Low environmental impact
Why hemp concrete?
  • Excellent thermal insulation and inertia
  • Moisture resistance and fire
  • Resistance to noise
  • Structure and durability (stronger, lighter and more flexible than traditional concrete)
  • Resistance against molds, fungi, insects, rodents
  • Replaces combination OSB, gypsum, brick, concrete, vapor barrier, foil insulation and so on.
  • Diffusion-open material


Typical thermal conductivity hemp concrete is usually from 0.06 to 0.07 W / mK

U values for hemp concrete varies depending on the thickness, type of binder used, the exact specifications, application techniques and skills contractor, however a typical value U (for the 350 mm thick wall hemp) is 0.17 W / m2K.


House from hemp concrete in Beskydy

Playhouse for the kids in Ostrava JINE KAFE

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Pricing for rental pan mixer for hemp concrete and clay plaster

Volume 350 l, voltage 380V, speed 19 rev / min, Weight 350kg, Dimensions W x 1.3 meters x 1.3 meters

PM 1

CZK4001 day

PM 7

CZK3502-7 days

PM 14

CZK3008-14 days

PM 30

CZK25015-30 days

PM 31

CZK20031 days and more

 Notice: The prices are for one day, including VAT and delivery

Cannabis sativa

If it were prohibited from the use of fossil fuels and their derivatives (coal, oil, natural gas, synthetic fuels and petrochemicals), just as deforestation - paper manufacturing and agriculture (eg. The Brazilian and Indonesian rainforests), for the purpose of saving the planet, preservation of the ozone layer and averting greenhouse effect with its global oteplovacím character:
It remains the only known renewable natural resource able to provide all of the following goods and supplies such as paper and textiles, the world's transportation security, domestic and industrial goods and clean atmosphere - all at once - our old reliable assistant, who did everything as before.

Jack Herer - The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Cannabis sativa

  • Annual, traditional cultural nettle herb
  • The growing season 100-120 days
  • It improves soil quality
  • Important renewable resource (4x grows faster than trees)
  • Source of toughest and firmest fiber.
  • Alternative to petroleum
  • The most versatile plant on Earth


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